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We are accelerating the transition to a sustainable world by designing and building carbon neutral buildings

Fast, reliable, scalable and cost-competitive. We place sustainability, quality and people at the forefront.

Mitigating climate change.

Providing access to affordable, healthy and sustainable housing.

Developing a new model of learning and collaboration within the field of construction.

A new construction

model based on... model based on...

A new construction model based on...

System of components

Designed to standardise the construction process from end to end, optimising the use of materials, labour and the design, manufacture and assembly (DFMA) processes. In addition to coordinating the disassembly and deconstruction process.

Partner network

Designated partners in line with ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) quality standards that assume asset and labour activities (external materials and manufacturers, specialised trades), but that are also deeply involved in the design and operations.

Digital Platform

Combining proprietary tools and third-party integrations, to seamlessly orchestrate all activities with real-time data, task automation and superior experience for all stakeholders.


Library of parametric components to generate architectural models in compliance with building regulations.

Predictive engines

Engines to automatically calculate impacts on cost, CO2 footprint and construction time.

Supply chain

Purchasing and procurement based on digital manufacturing and construction models.


Just In Time production planning, process control and model-based data collection.


Planning and orchestration, with real-time monitoring and multi-channel access to drawings/work plans.

Our Promise

With a commitment to improve conventional construction metrics in all aspects:

Embodied CO2 - 100% (over the whole life cycle of the building)

Construction times - 50%


— This is what they say about us...