Our mission

to accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable building development

We believe we all deserve to live in dignified spaces and in a healthy, environment-friendly place where we can develop both personally and professionally.

We believe

we need to reinvent construction to achieve our mission.

In the last 30 years the productivity of the construction industry has remained more or less the same, when it has more than doubled in other industries. As a result, housing is becoming increasingly expensive and unaffordable for most people.

Construction is directly responsible for 8% (and indirectly 30%) of global CO2 emissions.

The industry is also known for its execution issues: delays, budget deviations and inconsistent quality.

There is a clear opportunity to change things: 011h was born as a catalyst for the transformation of the industry.

A new-generation construction company

We are creating a new type of construction company based on the latest advances in design, technology, industrialisation, sustainability and health to deliver buildings faster, cheaper, more reliably and in a way that is both people- and environment-friendly.

We offer a turnkey construction service that includes design (architecture and engineering), procurement, manufacturing, construction and digital support for optimal property operation and maintenance.

Our formula

The 4 pillars of change

Products and Components

We treat buildings as configurable products that evolve and improve over time, rather than as isolated projects made and thought out from scratch each time.

Our system is based on a series of pre-designed, parameterisable components with which we can create a wide spectrum of building options, while at the same time standardising the construction process.


Our components are manufactured in factories to achieve a better final quality and improve productivity across the entire construction process. They are then shipped to the site, where they are easily assembled, reducing waste and potential errors.

Our suppliers are reputable manufacturers who are digitally integrated into our supply chain and capable of manufacturing custom items specifically for us.


All our buildings are made using integral BIM modelling that covers the entire process from design to operation and maintenance.

We use technology and data to connect every phase of the building construction and operation process, detect inefficiencies and constantly improve the process.

We build ‘smart buildings’ fitted with the necessary technology to make life more comfortable for inhabitants, owners and operators alike.

Sustainability and Health

We design our buildings to strict sustainability and health criteria from the very start.

We use technological, certified wood as the main construction material, apply passive design criteria and use renewable energy sources and non-toxic materials to improve interior air quality.

Founding team

We are a team of dreamers who have created several pioneering, transforming companies in the Technology and Real Estate sectors in Europe.

Our passion for change and innovation has led us to devise a new way of understanding construction, always putting our clients at the centre whether they are developers, investors or end users.